Flying Bird Carl Amelia

                                Tempo Aquila Free Trade
                Missdee's Trader Carl
                                Missdee's Clarice
Flying Bird Carl Amelia  DOB: March 23 2010
                                Redwood Hills Ransom Musketeer
                  Flying Bird Musketeer Amie   
                               Dots Francine

Amelia is a doe that was not a planned purchase but she has earned the Number 1 spot on the farm. When Flying Bird dispersed their herd, I had my eye set on another doe who unfortunately was already sold. But Amelia was available and boy, am I glad I went with her. 

She is a doe that checks off a lot of what I am looking for. She milks: no fuss, year in year out. She is an excellent mother, raising the biggest and prettiest kids every year. Conformation wise, she has correct leg and foot structure, a strong topline, a very well attached udder with an extended and capacious fore, and she is so smoothly blended it all flows together. 

Amelia is closing in on her 10th birthday in 2020 and may soon be retired. 

Silver Spring MF AppleDumpling

                        Willow Run Armand Abraham
                Missdee's AA Ferryman 
                        Missdee's RL Bellaflora 
Silver Spring MF AppleDumpling  DOB: April 23, 2016
                       Flying Bird Zubaru Albany 
                Silver Spring FBZA Auricle 
                       Flying Bird Carl Amelia 

Apple is an up and coming doe with a lot of potential, and a lot of character. She was sold as a kid but when I lost her dam, Auricle, far too young, I couldn't bear to part with the doeling she left me so with some re-negotiating, Apple got to stay. Kept for sentimental reasons, she is maturing into a lovely doe and earning her keep on her own merits. Apple has STYLE!, an eye-catching topline, and a promising udder.

Broadside photo is of Apple as a dry yearling, rear udder shot as a 2F 3 year-old. 

Silver Spring SSKA Alice & Angel

                        Kickapoo-Valley Life Alphonse 
                Silver Spring KVLA Aragorn
                        Silver Spring MF AppleDumpling
Silver Spring SSKA Alice & Angel, DOB: April 7, 2019
                       Missdee's Trader Carl 
                Flying Bird Carl Amelia 
                       Flying Bird Musketeer Amie 

Twin does out of Amelia, Alice and Angel are a pair of nearly-identical, beautiful, black-trimmed cou blancs that I am very excited to freshen. Stay tuned!