2020 Planned Matings:




Flying Bird Carl Amelia

Silver Spring KVLA Aragorn

Kidded Mar 16 - 1B sale pending 

Silver Spring MF AppleDumpling

Silver Spring KVLA Aragorn

Kidded Feb 17 - 2D retained

Silver Spring SSKA Alice

Silver Spring KVLA Aragorn

Kidded Mar 17 - 1D available

Silver Spring SSKA Angel

Silver Spring QBG Archimedes

Kidded Feb 17 - 1B sale pending

Silver Spring SSKA Alice  (yearling milker)  is available with a doe kid at foot. $600 for the pair. 

Due to the very small size of the herd currently there are limited opportunities to purchase. Please let me know if  you want to be put on the waitlist for future sales. Springtime often comes with the sale of a milker or two and of course the majority of the kid crop. Generally I wait for all does to kid, make my personal selections for retention, and then offer the remainder of the kids in order to my waitlist. Pricing starts at $350 for a registered animal. Thank you for your interest!