Silver Spring KVLA Aragorn

                                 Pleasant-Grove Midas Lifeline
                Kickapoo-Valley Life Alphonse
                                Kickapoo-Valley Saga Tradition 
Silver Spring KVLA Aragorn  DOB: February 18, 2018
                                Missdee's AA Ferryman
                  Silver Spring MF AppleDumpling
                                Silver Spring FBZA Auricle 

Aragorn is the best of the 2018 bucklings and has been promoted to herd sire quickly due to the unexpected loss of Ferryman. He brings strength of feet and legs and lots of smoothness to the table. His shoulder assembly is one of the best I have seen with tons of width in the chest floor, fullness at his elbows, and shoulder blades set smoothly against the rib cage. He is maturing nicely as a yearling and his first kid crop has shown good feet and legs as well so I am quite pleased with this guy,