Herd Health

Our goal is to have an exceptionally healthy, robust herd free of diseases with animals able to live long, productive lives with a minimum of drugs. However, we don't believe in not using drugs altogether. Our modern goats aren't wild animals anymore: if we were to turn them loose they wouldn't survive very long. 

We will not hesitate to use antibiotics and other medications if it will mean saving an animal's life and we routinely use wormers, vaccines, and a coccidiostat in order to prevent illnesses. 

That said, we recognize our responsibility to keep our animals in excellent condition and focus on prevention to keep the herd healthy.Our basic management rests on free choice, high-quality hay year round, with COB and alfalfa pellets for supplemental calories and protein. All animals have access to high-quality, free-choice loose minerals mixed with kelp and Diamond V yeast for rumen health. 

We pride ourselves on being CL abscess free, CAE negative, and Johnes free. Please feel free to request copies of our annual test results. Any questions please contact us!