Flying Bird Zubaru Albany

                                Sand Dance HLS Rico Suave
                YBNVS Rico Suave's Zubaru 
                                Hill N Holler Navarre Zoe 
Flying Bird Zubaru Albany DOB: March 30 2013
                                Missdee's Trader Carl
                  Flying Bird Carl Angela  
                                Flying Bird Musketeer Amie 

Albany is sharp and angular with flat bone and good angulation to the rear leg. He is long and tall and I love his beautiful dished Alpine head. Albany's first kids have been splashy, high-headed kids with big front ends and wonderfully wide and level rumps.   

Silver Spring FBZA Auricle

                        YBNVS Rico Suave's Zubaru
                Flying Bird Zubaru Albany
                        Flying Bird Carl Angela 
Silver Spring FBZA Auricle  DOB: February 11, 2015
                       Missdee's Trader Carl 
                Flying Bird Carl Amelia
                       Flying Bird Musketeer Amie 

Auricle was a very promising young doe who sadly passed away as a yearling. Her doeling has been retained and hopefully will carry on Auricle's legacy . 

Kickapoo-Valley Life Alphonse 

                                Pleasant Grove Real Midas 
                Pleasant-Grove Midas Lifeline 
                                Pleasant-Grove RCS Lesson 
Kickapoo-Valley Life Alphonse  DOB: February 4, 2010
                                Pleasant-Grove Super Saga 
                  Kickapoo-Valley Saga Tradition   
                                Kickapoo-Valley Cal Reunion

Years ago I badly wanted a buck kid out of Alphonse, so when Lindy Schira offered him for sale it took little convincing for me to buy him. What initially drew me to him is his outstanding strength of feet and legs. He has short strong pasterns, no toe-out front or rear, straight forelegs, and perfectly angulated rear legs. 

Missdee's AA Ferryman

                                 Willow Run LA Armand
                Willow Run Armand Abraham AI
                                Willow Run Agnes of God
Missdee's AA Ferryman  DOB: March 17, 2015
                                Roeburn's Legacy
                  Missdee's RL Bellaflora 
                                Missdee's TC Belladona 

Ferryman is out of one of Missdee's Alpines' top milkers. He has a beautifully smooth and tight front end assembly with sharp, uphill withers. As he matures, Ferryman is growing into a very long and tall animal with exquisite dairy character. His first kids in 2016 carried that dairy character and had amazing rumps. Last but certainly not least he has a sweet and peaceful personality. 

Ferryman unfortunately left us far too early at only 3 years of age. He has left a huge hole in the genetic structure of the herd. 

 Silver Spring QBG Archimedes

                                 Missdee's R M Bravo
                Qu'Appelle Bravo Goshawk
                                Chateau De Ville's Snow Goose 
Silver Spring QBG Archimedes  DOB: March 1, 2019
                                Missdee's AA Ferryman
                  Silver Spring MF AppleDumpling
                                Silver Spring FBZA Auricle 

Archie is an AI buck kid out of Apple going back to some classic 80s genetics and he really impresses beyond the pedigree. He has a wonderful long and level topline right from the withers to the tail. His loin strength is absolutely outstanding with every vertebrae widening from the ribs to the hips. And last but certainly not least he has a very calm and steady personality; a trait not always seen in Alpines.